"NEW!" MAC'S Frame in a Box


Traditional Frame in box kit includes
Front frame horn kit
Front shock mounts
Front cross member kit
Hair pin mount rails
Frame caps
Tranny cross member and mounts
Rear cross member with four bar and shock mounts
Rear axel coil over brackets, with four bar mounts
And choice of panard brackets
Rear cross member gussets
Total of 30 pieces !!!!

$ 850.00 plus shipping

"NEW!" MAC'S Air Ride Rear Kit

Priced at $499


Mac's Rear Coil Ride Kit

Priced at $595


Check Out Our New "Stake Box"

Starting at $480

available in two sizes: 38"X42"inside and 46"X42"inside, 21" height. Custom sizes available upon request.



Same as 28 to 31 Model A 2 in lower than stock. Price is $35.00


New rear 4 bar/coil over brackets 79.00 per set

Builders note: 1/4 X 3/4 flat strap must be added as gusset


U weld rear shock mounts

Price is $30.00 pair

Brake pedals

All brake pedals come with sleeve
to fit 5/8 bolt . Price is $49.00

Reversed corvair steering mount

Price is $20.00

Master cyl mounts

When order plz specify manual or power. Price is $20.00


Shock lengths eye to eye 12.5, 10.5 or 7

3/8 Shock mounts 12.75 X 7 overall.
Price is $49.00


Shock lengths eye to eye 12.5, 10.5 or 7

pick your Shock Mount

pick your Shock Mount


Rear Shock Connector Mounts $7.50 each

Front Radius Rod Connector Mounts $7.50 each


Axel Shock Connector Mounts $5.50 each


Mac's Ratz Friction Shocks $250



               Suicide Bat Wings  $169         Suicide Bat Wings $159

                   Adjustable                                Non-Adjustable


Suicide I-Beam Bat Wings  (IN USE)



Mac's Ratz Bat Wings  $35 pair

Mac's Ratz Front Spring Perch $45 

Pictures to the left are the Center Steer Rack

Kit Includes:


Tie Rods




New Traditional Front Rail Kit  $585

Suicide Rail Kit  $550

Rear Bobber Rail Kit  $485


Mac's Ratz Radius Rod / Body Mounts

$7.50 each

Bobber Axel Mount Kit $159.00 This kit needed with the above rail kit.


 All Jacked Up Motor Mounts   $75

Mac's Ratz Four Bar Bracket Kit $90

Mac's Ratz Rear Spring Perch Kit $40


Mac's Ratz Rear Axle Spring Mounts  $140

Gussett MR201 $7.50

Mac's Ratz Radiator / Grill Shell Mount Kit  $75

This is our parts page which includes: stake box, rear axel spring mounts, gussett, radiator grill shell mount, all jacked up motor mounts, four bar bracket kit, rear spring perch, box kit, body mounts, bobber axel kit, frame rails, suicide front end,  steering, bat wings, friction shocks, shock connectors...