We offer either Coil Ride or Air Ride Frames


2012 Suicide Chassis set up


With oval hole cutouts:

Suicide chassis includes:

    Fully welded frame,
    Laser cut full rails,
    3/8 top cap, can be tapped for body mounts,
    Rear air ride W/ bags and brackets for rear housing,
    Rear four bar,
    Rear panard bar,
    Rear friction shocks,
    Trans crosmember W/ mounts,
    All jacked up motor mounts,
    Grille shell mounts,
    Front spring perch,
    Front friction shocks,
    Mounting points for speedway front axel kit,
    Frames are welded and ground on our rotisserie.

Base price is $3,600.00
    round holes $550.00
   oval holes    $750.00



Our original truck chassis offered with or without Holy Frame Rails.

Starting at $3600.00

round holes $550.00
oval holes   $750.00
Coil over setup $200.00




Bobber Truck Chassis: This chassis makes use of the Model A High Arch Rear Spring. This frame is designed to be used with out a box.

Available with Holy Rails only at this time. Starting at $3995



Traditional Frame in box kit includes
Front frame horn kit
Front shock mounts
Front cross member kit
Hair pin mount rails
Frame caps
Tranny cross member and mounts
Rear cross member with four bar and shock mounts
Rear axel coil over brackets, with four bar mounts
And choice of panard brackets
Rear cross member gussets
Total of 30 pieces !!!!

$ 850.00 plus shipping

Our frames and parts are for show purposes only and not intended for uses other than exhibits and shows.


Chassis page includes: holy frame rails, low blow chassis is designed for coupes and sedans for maximum interior room and minimum ground clearance, bobber truck chassis, mounting plates, front shocks, four-link and rear spring perches, traditional front rails, specializing in trucks, coupes, sedans and rolling chassis.